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Eurasian Economic Union EEU was launched in 2015. Five member countries of EEU are Russia, Kazakhstan, Belorus, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan. All five countries are developing markets with Russian language and cyrillic alphabets. EEU has a land area of 20.3 Million km2 which makes the land area five times bigger than European Union.  EEU has a combined population of 183 Million people.   

Member countries of the Eurasian Economic Union share the same product certification, technical standards, conformity statements, product markings and other technical requirements and technical regulations. Movement of goods and labour is free within the EEU zone.

When selling to the EEU member countries about half of the products require a compulsory certification.  Product certificates are required when importing products into the EEU at the customs border. Certificates are recommended to be acquired directly for the manufacturer: it guarantees the marketing and selling rights of the product. When manufacturer is directly the owner and applicant of the certificate, manufacturer is not dependent on any one distributor partner.  The owner of the certificate controls the use of the certificate in the given country. Local distributor/s  can then be authorized to use the certificate when importing the products.     

Official name of the standard is GOST.  GOST has over 20.000 standards and comprises of 16 compulsory systems and their 40 sub-systems. In addition there are different kinds of voluntary certification systems and statements which are intended to ease and speed up customs procedures. Conformity marking in products is called "EAC EurAsian Conformity".  EAC symbol and marking shows that the product follows all technical standards and technical requirements in the EEU zone. Principle is similar to European Union CE-marking. European ISO 9000 standards are not directly compatible with  GOST standards and can not be used without a valid GOST certificate. As an example, the Western automotive OEM manufacturers and component manufacturers require ISO/TS 16949 standard from all their suppliers in Russia, but additionally require GOST conformity  and  EAC- product markings.  

 - Some limited harmonization is currently attempted between GOST and ISO standards. 

Products fall into three categories: some products require a compulsory GOST certificate, some require a Conformity Statement, some require an official written statement about the certification need.   

GOST certifications are often seen difficult by Western companies: accurate information is difficult to find, documents and instructions are in Russian language, and the procedures and requirements in application phase are seen as complicated. For this reason it is recommended to use experienced experts to take care of product certification processes. FOXX  and it´s units in Russia and Kazakhstan provide Western companies these services.  

Our services in Russia,  EEU zone and the Caspian Sea countries include:

- market studies

- search and selection of distributors, buyers and subcontracting partners 

- recruiting of key sales personnel

- outsourced payroll services  

- work permits, work visas and outsourced payroll services for foreign ex-pats 

- establishing OOO and ZAO companies

- protecting industrial rights: trade marks, license agreements, domain services

- EAC certificates and EAC conformity statements